Presenter Bio

RiggerJay is a Canadian born Boston based rope enthusiast who is also often seen in NYC and sometimes Montreal.

When he was first learning to tie, he found great support from the rope community and now gives that same support back to others wanting to learn. He organizes the monthly Boston Rope Group meetings (, and runs, a portal for rope bondage information.

Visit his blog at


Places I have taught at

  • Bound in Boston  (many times)
  • Dark Odyssey: Fusion
  • Fetish Con
  • New Jersey Rope’s “Tied Up” (2010)
  • New England Leather Alliance  Fetish Flea (several times)
  • Montreal Fetish Weekend  (2009 and 2010)
  • Shibaricon (2010 and 2011)
  • Dark Odyssey  Winter Fire ( 2010 ) (mini rope game session )
  • West Michigan Rope Group
  • Exxotica Detroit

I have also run local events in Boston area

  • Boston Rope Group
  • Northampton Rope Group
  • Day Long Rope Workshop
  • Weekend with Lee Harrington
  • Weekend with Jimmy Tatu

Reviews on some of my classes

  • Intro to Rope Bondage / I know a few Ties Now What:
  • Great job by Rigger Jay.  His tips and tricks bring bondage in the bedroom to a new level of intimacy.  His suggestions for power play were spot on and really made sense!
  • Riggerjay is as always is very good. I enjoyed this class a lot as he explained simple stuff which was good for me. He also suggested good books, etc. I thought he did very well and can’t wait till the next class he teaches.
  • This was one of my favorite classes.  It got me out of “must tie a knot” to “I am interacting with my partner”.    I think that single shift of perspective was worth the whole weekend!
  • RiggerJays “now what” class was smaller and more intimate. The hands on approach-he walked around to everyone and put folks at ease. Just because you did not get it perfectly, did not mean you could not continue on.
  • Great Escape  was an absolute hoot! Something like this should be a regular offering.
  • Great Escape:Always fun to watch and participate in. Though now my rope top knows how to stop me from wiggling out.
  • Great time. Especially liked the tie/escape, top vs top, and the group twister.
  • Fun, fun, fun, and even better than last time. You can tell RJ is noting which games work better than others and improving each time.
  • What can I say.. this was SO much fun.. MORE MORE MORE!!    However i was exhausted by the end.. so.. glad it was on Saturday!
  • Rope Games Clearly demonstrated how much fun Playing can be. The more experienced players really did throw caution to the wind. Greatly appriciated.


Rope Bondage 101  (Hands on class ,  hour to hour and half)

Rope play has been entering into the spotlight for kink enthusiasts during the past few years, it is even making headway into popular culture. There are lots of great sources on line if you know where to look but this can be daunting. RiggerJay, a Boston based rope enthusiast, will help you get going with a hands on course to teach you some basics of rope play

-Brief history on Japanese rope
-What ropes and why
-Several fundamental ties
-Where do you go from here

This is a hands on class, it is recommended that your bring 3 thirty foot lengths of rope. Clothes line or something similar from your local home hardware store would work for this class.


Rope Bondage 102 (I know a few ties, now what ) (Hands on class ,  hour to hour and half)

After getting your first rope, and attending a intro class, it can be hard to get going. I often here, ok i can tie an an arm.. Now what?

This class shows you the fun that can be had with just the fundamental ties and how to take the next steps in growing your skills.

-warm-up/foreplay with rope

-Play time vs practice


-body harness

-Bondage for sex

This is a hands on class, it presumes you have taken RiggerJay’s Rope Bondage 101 or other intro level class and are comfortable with ties shown.

3 thirty foot lengths of rope. Clothes line or something similar from your local home hardware store would work for this class.


“The Great Escape” Rope Games (Hands on class ,  hour to hour and half)

What could be more fun than playing games with rope?! Come to this interactive class and find out just how much rope fun you can have.

Do you like to test your ties against a bottom to see if they are securely bound?

Do you enjoy struggling and wiggling out of rope ties?

If you answered yes to either of these questions, then this is the class for you!

Participate in a series of timed events in which your skills of tying and escaping will be challenged. Much can be learned from taking part in and/or watching others.

No prerequisite to attend. Recommended to have an interest in rope, willingness to have fun. Participation not required, watching the games is quite an amusing experience as well!

To participate it is recommended that you bring three or more thirty-foot lengths of rope. Clothesline or something similar from your local home hardware store would work for this class.


Exploring Consequences: A look at Predicament Bondage (Demo / Lecture , one hour)

Come examine mental and physical games of cause and effect, from simple tasks with intriguing rewards/punishments to kinky Rube Goldberg machines.

Listen to the talk, watch the demos, and wrap it up with a Q+A section. We will cover many different forms of predicament bondage, cover safety considerations and demonstrate several of the myriad of possibilities.
The class will take into account the needs of those participating and we will work together to tailor the class to your specific situations.


Wiggle WIggle MURPH! Rope bondage for Damsel in Distress (Hands on class, one hour)

In case you didn’t catch it, “MURPH” is the sound of a hogtied Damsel in distress. A gagged and helpless Damsel in distress is a classic theme across many medias; the alluring woman bound and unable to escape dire straits while the outlaw (rogue, monster) lurks in the shadows.

Whether you’d like to play villain or hero, this class will teach you the distinctive, aesthetically pleasing ties to capture the look that will belong right on the cover of your favorite pulp action magazine.

From classic techniques for binding arms and legs to , hogties and safety, this hands on class will cover the necessary skills to give the maiden in your life a predicament she won’t forget.

To participate bring four 25-30ft lengths of rope 6mm-8mm in thickness
and remember button-up blouses and rail-road tracks not provided.


Binding Breasts with Rope (Hands on class ,  hour to hour and half)

Using rope to sculpt , highlight , and bind the breasts. This class will cover several different styles of breast bondage using chest harnesses

  • Fast – A clean simple tie that is quick and effective
  • Decorative – tie that will enhance the look of the breasts
  • Restraining – Hard bondage tie, that works best on bigger breasts

As we go over each tie, we will discuss why the ties work and break them down into components. This will help you take the basics and expand to create your own unique style and look while you tie.

This class is suitable for novice through experienced riggers

Suggested materials include:

  • 3×30 feet of 6mm rope
  • 2×15 feet of 6mm rope
  • Breasts to bind, yours? a friends?