After long time of admiring rope play on-line I got a chance be shown the basics of Shibari in person. From then I was hooked!

I am looking for many different things so thought I would just break it all out šŸ™‚ Please take the time to read, we might just have an interest or two in common.

More friends here are always welcome, send me a quick note saying Hi, and how you stumbled upon me.

  • Rigger Jay


I really enjoy working with it, the feel of it as you work. the art of the knots, and how sexy a girl looks in it. The fun you can have after all that pulling and tying and knotting >:)

Just spending time playing with the rope with right person can be very satisfying for me. From just sitting tying while watching movie with someone, to full suspension in my play room šŸ˜‰

If you want to know more, want to play.. or want to learn, I am very happy to teach individuals or couples

hit me up!


Already I have made some really great friends from other sites. Just someone to hang out with and enjoy company (little flirting too ). Not everything from this has to be about hooking up! And you can never have enough friends šŸ˜€


I am so not a one night stand guy when it comes to more intimate play. I want someone that I would call a friend and could some time end up being more.


I am very much a shutter bug. Always learning now things great fun being creative. Go search on line for EcoastJay and you should find my general photography site (Landscapes and such)..

What I really have been enjoying is art nudes, classy stuff with lots of use of shadows and textures. I am always looking for cute girls and couples to get some camera time in!!

If you are looking to get some fun photos for yourself, your SO or just something to spice up your profile let me know! I am happy to just sit behind camera šŸ˜€

Blogging / Education

Just when starting out I was lucky enough to meet SacredXchangeCpl off of ALT out at a BDSM convention in Detroit, and they have become good friends.

Inspired by them I have started a A blog also google RiggerJay. I mostly talk about my experiences and also soon will have some rope tutorials people may find handy. Please go check it out and feel free to comment. Will also have Contact me links šŸ˜‰


I have found best way to learn and grow is get involve in local communities. So far I have joined a discussion group that meets once a month to talk about different topics related to D/s that I have found very informative and great way to meet more like minded friends.

Directly from that group, I found a group of rope fans.. that also meet once a month to help improve skills and learn from each other. Also, while not a member of NELA I keep tabs on classes they hold. Heck as I write this I just received confirmation on class on how to use a Dragon Tail >:)

. What type of scene activities are you active in or would you be interested in exploring?: Body worship, Bondage, Breast/Nipple Torture, Collar & Lead/Leash, Confinement/Caging, Depilation/Shaving, Fisting, Foot/shoe worship, Hair pulling, Hot wax, Power Exchange, Spanking, Suspension, Tickling games, Voyeurism

The term BDSM covers a lot of ground. What’s your scene?: B&D – Bondage and Discipline, D&S – Domination and submission, A little of each.