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October 2, 2013

Keeping your privacy on OKCupid

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so OkCupid is a privacy nightmare..

your data from all the questions you answer are OkCupids actual product (some 40+ sites from story on NPR get your responses to questions).

But if you don’t care about that part.. (I don’t all that much) ,

Think about all the questions, esp on sex and kink etc.. if you answer a lot of them, you reveal a lot about yourself, of course that is the point.. it’s how they match you..

The real privacy issue I see with OKCupid is your co-workers etc..

It really is not at all a far reach for people from work/church so on, to come across your OKCupid. I could be rather career damaging for someone to see all the kink questions you answered or what drugs you like.

Right now I have an okcupid that i have answered lots of questions on across lots of topics. But I have not put up a picture, I have not used a scene name.

Downside: no photo = no visitors or interest from others

How do you solve wanting to create a real match with someone, while still protecting your privacy?

Only idea I can think of is two OKCupid profiles, one with minimal details and pictures of you. The other has no photo , and lots of answers to questions

Use the image-less profile to find matches for yourself, and use the one with pictures to write someone you are interested in

So is this a crazy idea? or does it have merit?

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