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October 23, 2011

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-10-23

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  • Did you get an email from me today? well if you did read it 🙂 follow instructions #
  • so yeah I turn 40 in about 2 months #
  • ouch! "turkey vulture" "20 years past a cougar – still likes to hunt, but too old to take down the prey" #
  • really @bostonherald a story on fashion at #occupyboston come on #
  • Salem Rope Group this Thursday #
  • what do you get when you merge Shibaricon with Anthrocon?? A rodeo!! #
  • #occupyboston is no longer a hot topic on Boston.com #mediaGettingBored #
  • damnit.. zombie vs Shark is playing this weekend at Coolidge comer.. I am out of town #
  • http://t.co/Dli0AsAL real shark.. "real" zombie.. no CGI #
  • I come up with crazy ideas… really I do.. let's see if this one will
    fly #
  • wow who knew… some times my hair brained schemes do take flight #
  • I now have to find place Friday night to crash in NYC area vs driving sat morning #
  • "When you are down and troubled, and need some love and care" http://t.co/1hLw0GCl Vincent Price Version #
  • damn you Civ V like all the other Civ games.. soooo addicting #
  • hi my name is @RiggerJay and I am addicted to @MauiKink rope #
  • I'm at Uno Chicago Grill (155 Bear Hill Rd, Waltham) http://t.co/mb8CISWh #
  • I just unlocked the "Superstar" badge on @foursquare! http://t.co/LMNEt4ws #
  • tonight I .. clean apt, make a sentry gun (real one) and play Civ 5 … maybe watch porn #
  • anyone else bothered when they hear a @BoA "ad" on @NPR #
  • first time in 8 years I have slept in on a work day… I don't use an alarm , just a damn good body clock #
  • local news talks about what is cool for Halloween rather than #occupyBoston unless something bad/interesting happens… lime light is done #
  • tired of teaching 1-2 column tie at almost every rope group .. making it a strongly suggested prelearned tie before coming .. #
  • Primarily sending people to learn Somervile bowline or ties on @twistedmonk / @Monkeyfetish 's sites for tutorials #
  • “@TristanTaormino: Regretfully, I have to cancel my Boston trip. Workshop @ GV Thurs. reading will go on w/o me.” @Bendyogagirl #
  • think I have to add new fetish.. "forced Silence" the torment is making me smile #
  • Dont be the guy that ruined airsoft http://t.co/fhh9ILCt don't take your gear to school!! @citadelairsoft #
  • hey lefty rope people… ever had issues with tutorials etc due to them being shown by right handed people ? I have not had issue #lefty #
  • nice play with rope and camera .. including a first flight http://t.co/TSC7Hh6R #
  • #ows has become a tourist attraction.. #
  • Dihydrogen Monoxide … the silent killer http://t.co/UilFS5ZU #
  • Salem Rope Group tonight in well Salem #
  • gun , robot and boobs.. rough night last night http://t.co/SRcvYLLl #
  • Sorry Party is now full!!
    If you did not reply to the confirmation email sent out in last few days, you may not be able to attend #
  • WEEkEND!!!!! home pack , clean litter the Off to NYC looks like a great weekend to wander city then party at a friends place #
  • gah…. 4 hour drive is beating me up #
  • dude it's a smartcar not a F1 race car #
  • arrived in NYC found great free street parking for the weekend #
  • shocktop pumpkin wheat for the win (@ Bravest on 38th w/ 2 others) http://t.co/J5R5kt4z #
  • #ff @LeilaHazlett @BellaVendetta @toristorii @MauiKink @CherriesJubalie @PassionAndSoul @avaamnesia @AidenFyre @tonyawinter #
  • this bar is loud constant 90db #
  • I like stairs… you go first #
  • I haz an @avaamnesia here at @PassionAndSoul and @AidenFyre 's new home #
  • overload… #
  • hour from home…. might beat @avaamnesia .
    , car vs plane race #
  • I think I won the 'race' just arrived home from NYC #
  • nap after whirlwind day in NYC , fairly recharged. now some programming to help me manage guest list for party next Friday.. #
  • I think operation surpise the hell out of @PassionAndSoul / @AidenFyre a complete success!! #
  • I may have to add "into gagging" as fetish on fetlife .. 205 and growing #

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