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October 31, 2013

Moved to Tumblr

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Hi all…

I have been adding my photos over on tumblr now.

go take a peek


October 2, 2013

Keeping your privacy on OKCupid

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so OkCupid is a privacy nightmare..

your data from all the questions you answer are OkCupids actual product (some 40+ sites from story on NPR get your responses to questions).

But if you don’t care about that part.. (I don’t all that much) ,

Think about all the questions, esp on sex and kink etc.. if you answer a lot of them, you reveal a lot about yourself, of course that is the point.. it’s how they match you..

The real privacy issue I see with OKCupid is your co-workers etc..

It really is not at all a far reach for people from work/church so on, to come across your OKCupid. I could be rather career damaging for someone to see all the kink questions you answered or what drugs you like.

Right now I have an okcupid that i have answered lots of questions on across lots of topics. But I have not put up a picture, I have not used a scene name.

Downside: no photo = no visitors or interest from others

How do you solve wanting to create a real match with someone, while still protecting your privacy?

Only idea I can think of is two OKCupid profiles, one with minimal details and pictures of you. The other has no photo , and lots of answers to questions

Use the image-less profile to find matches for yourself, and use the one with pictures to write someone you are interested in

So is this a crazy idea? or does it have merit?

September 9, 2013

Your defintion is wrong..

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I see so many different writings pop up on my friends feed on Fetlife,  Facebook etc..

what IS __________

it’s usually a touch ranty , filled with valid interesting perspectives.. but mostly it is perspective. you know that whole perception = reality kinda thing.

The over all reality is .. you are talking about how it is for you (maybe others as well), but for you. It’s not right, it’s not wrong. It is your preference / perspective.

What you go on for you really does mean ____________ , For others it really is means ___________ .. for some it’s mostly means ___________ , and others it has nothing to do ___________

Take the word poly , it means so many things to so many people. It’s the start of a conversation and that is about it

Think about that next time you jump up on a soap box to tell the world how you think it is..

just like this writing itself , it is a point of view, it is neither valid or invalid , it’s just a point of view

July 10, 2013

Are you authoring that book?

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Nope, not authoring the book,  that’s all Lee Harrington!

To me Shibari You can Use is one the best intro books for rope bondage.    It was how I started with rope, studied it over and over.  

Later as I started going to events, I got to meet Lee Harrington and take one of his classes in person.  I scheduled a private class with Lee , a day of learning suspension, its how I started doing that.

Later I became friends with Lee.

About a year ago, Lee asked me “Jay would you shoot my next rope book ‘More Shibari You Can Use’?“   

of course I said yes..    As that plan evolved Lee decided to re-shoot , his first book at same time.

It is pretty surreal for me that when this project is done, I will have my name on the cover as the photographer..   The book I started learning rope with about 6 years ago.

June 21, 2013

freeze frame

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who wants to be in front of my camera this weekend

June 14, 2013

Class: Takate Kote, an iconic tie from Japan

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Class Level: Some Skills / Intermediate

Format: Lecture / Hands on
Duration: 60-90 min

The Takata Kote (TK, Box tie) is one of the best known, most seen ties from Japan. It is used heavily in suspension bondage. In many ways it is a surprisingly simple tie, but it has evolved over time, and there are many fine details that make it so effective.

This class will teach you step by step , several variations of the Takata Kote and go into detail about why it is tied the way it is.

For this class you will already know some basic rope, and general safety. You will also need someone to tie, and 4 lengths of 30ft rope.

Class: Violating Personal Space, Getting up close and personal with Rope

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Class Level: Some Skills / Intermediate
Format: Lecture / Hands on
Duration: 60-90 min
Required Facilities: Lots of floor space, mats for people to be on a plus (out on grass works well also)

Rope is both a technical and artist kink, but often in the process the intimacy is lost. It’s time to break the habits set in while first learning rope !

This class will help you move from tying at arm’s length to being up close and personal with your partner. The focus is connection, tender or rough, It’s about being intimate, it’s about your partner..

To participate in this class you should be able to tie a non-collapsing cuff, a simple chest harness, and bring with you 4+ 30ft lenghts of rope, and a few shorter pieces. for extra fun, bring some parachute cord

Class: Boudoir Photography on a budget for the Beginner

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Class Level: Beginner
Format: Lecture / Demo / Conversation (Camera not required)
Duration: 60-90 min
Required Facilities: Room that can be darkened, and power.
Optional: Screen to use for an overhead projector (I will provide projector)

Don’t let your camera equipment top you!

With so much of the kinky play being an opportunity for making art, porn and memory-making, let’s look at how to make photography a part of our erotic journey.

From understanding the technology of higher-end digital cameras (like what all of those dials mean and do) to lighting, we will dive into the technology to help make photos you can be proud of (including pics on a budget).

And for those of us who are taking pictures of people other than our lovers – let’s look at respect and consent with our models, including using model releases for ensuring consent for the future. In this demonstration and lecture, we will also discuss what you want out of photo-play, making photo-play sexy and fun!

This class is intended for beginners, and is a lecture/demo. No camera required.

June 9, 2013

What does a girl need to do to be tied up by you? :) <3

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At this point of my life, I am only tying people i am involved with in some way. I don’t find enjoyment anymore just tying someone for the sake of doing it, or to provide an experience for someone I don’t know.  More of a focus on the passion and connection I guess

April 16, 2012

Workshop: Rope For Couples! Day long intensive in Providence RI , June 2nd

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Day long workshop on playing with rope in the bedroom , with strong focus on staying connected with your partner.

This class is limited to 15 couples, that must pre-pay to attend. Fee for class is $90 a couple, for 6+ hours of instruction. AND you will get a spiral bound copy of Shibari You Can Use: Japanese Rope Bondage and Erotic Macramé


Rope play has been entering into the spotlight for kink enthusiasts during the past few years, it is even making headway into popular culture. Besides it’s esthetic, it is a great way to connect with your partner and can help to create some very intimate and close moments .
RiggerJay, a Boston based rope enthusiast, will help you get going with a day long hands on course. Guiding you from the basics of rope all the way up to having very hot moments with your partner.

Some of the highlights:

  • Brief history on Japanese rope
  • Anatomy of rope
  • Playing safe
  • Warm-up/foreplay with rope
  • Several basic ties
  • Hogties and other more advanced ties
  • Bondage for sex
  • In class play time
  • Where do you go from here

What you need for the class

This is a hands on class, it is recommended that your bring 4 thirty foot lengths of rope. A 200 ft bundle of clothes line or something similar from your local home hardware store would work well for this class. Also this class is focused on couple interaction, coming with a regular play partner, lover , spouse etc is suggested.

Where is it?

The class will be held at a private club in Providence RI, it is only 45 min south of Boston, but the drive is well worth it.

We will have lots of space for students, and areas so you have a chance to use the new skills you have learned with privacy (practice makes perfect)

How to Register!!

The club we are holding event at will be handling registration for the class. Please email me at   jay@riggerjay.com that you want to come to the class and I will send you where you need to call to register and pre-pay

August 17, 2011

Audio Porn… written by friends read by me

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When I first started my audio blog, I was told i have the voice to read porn..

CherriesJubalie wrote a brief piece for me..

you can hear it here: http://audioboo.fm/boos/362930-short-erotic-story

SabrinaWolf sent me some of her writing, and I enjoyed. The first one was short enough to read

you can hear it here:

Erotica: it Begins by @SabrinaWolf part 1

Erotica: it Begins by @SabrinaWolf part 2

Hope you enjoy

Photos from Fetish Con

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Leila Hazlett summed up our photo fun at Fetishcon really well here


RiggerJay on the Dov-Cast “I LOVE ROPE, ALOT!!!!!!!! AND CAFFEINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

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Dov,RiggerJay, Sebastian and Syd coming back from JRE and discussing Style, stealing my style and what and how we learn how to tie as well as just being goofy after a long fun day of rope.

Part One

Part Two

Part Three



July 27, 2011

Airsoft Arsenal

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A ) SOCOM Gear MK1 PWS MK110
B ) KWA M93R W/ Metal Slide NS2 Model Airsoft Gun and folding stock
C ) Umarex H&K MP7 (by KWA)
D ) ICS GLM Full Size Revolving 40mm Grenade Launcher
E ) 6x Matrix M433 Type 124 Round Mosquito Airsoft M203 Gas Grenade
F ) Airsoft M18A1 Claymore with Wireless Remote Control / Laser Tripwire
G ) “Tornado” Airsoft Gas Powered BB Grenade
H ) 2x 50 round mag for MP7
I ) 1x 20 round mag for M93R
J ) Type4 BIM203 Grenade Launcher
K ) G&G Rechargeable Mock Silencer Tracer Unit
L ) Laser aim pointer
M ) Holo Sight

July 20, 2011

New Airsoft Toys

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While a basically a newbie to airsoft.. as the few friends I have started to make can attest.. I like my toys

The SOCOMM Mk110 M4 rocks.. Glad I picked this up .. the thing packs a heck of a punch, as can my team mate from last Friday who had to deal with “Friendly Fire MY ASSSS!!!”

Added the angled for grip , as well as a crappy holo scope, laser and flashlight

But now I have more toys on way.. they cant get here fast enough

First the ICS-190 GLM Grenade Launcher

Of course I have to have ammo for it

Matrix M433 Type 124 Round Mosquito Airsoft M203 Gas Grenade (Set of 3)x2 so 6 total

btw cheezy of Airsoftpost to picture 4 when they ship 3 just sayin

But of course it would be a pain in ass to haul both the M4 and the GLM… so I picked up this
little toy..

KWA NS2 M93R PTP Airsoft Gas Blowback with folding stock

Last thing I picked up …
G&G Rechargeable Mock Silencer Tracer Unit for Airsoft Rifles – Black
along with a bunch of green and red glow in dark BBs.. will make shooting in the dark halls and Ice cream room much more fun

I am tired of…

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… party friends.  Those people so happy to see you at some event or gathering, but can be bothered to contact our talk to you between events

… people being into my skill in photography or rope, and happily ask for it.. but never just ask me to hang out

… broken plans, I don’t care if you can’t make something, but have the decency and respect me enough to let me know you can’t make it

… Petty pretty little hags that prance around on “I’m cute”, and the people that only see the party time, so don’t see the manipulation

… seeing people with STDs fucking around in the community

… Having to call hundreds of people my friend who I have never met before, cause Fetlife won’t follow the twitter model of how following is set up

… Fanatics spouting how wrong Poly____ is..  it’s a choice, just not yours

… Fanatics spouting how wrong Monogamy is..  it’s a choice, just not yours

… people so vain , they think this post is about them

… the people this post is actually about

… the people who only hang out when you ask them to, never being one to invite out

… Having to filter my self, to be the professional

…   _______________________


When at times like this it all hits me..  I just want to kill this persona that is RiggerJay and be gone

– No more classes

– No more events

Delete all that is RiggerJay


Oh so very tempting right now

July 7, 2011

for those about to rig,I salute you

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Boo Image

for those about to rig,I salute you (mp3)

View at audioboo.fm

June 17, 2011

Hooked on Rope

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Leila is a pretty amazing woman, we met years ago, but only actually started hanging out (literally in some cases) in last few months.
Last Monday we went and played with making more content for her clips4sale site and below is the first clip from that.
Will post more as they happen..

Hooked on Rope
Wont you join me while I string myself up and play with my fun metal toy? I just love the feel of natural fiber rope against my skin and the tight, secure feeling of being tied up. I rub the red rope all over myself and then partly suspend myself leaving you a good view 🙂 I then play with a pussy hook suspended from the ceiling. I get so wet riding the hook, see, and hear for yourself! Special thanks to Rigger Jay http://www.riggerjay.com
Price: $13.99 USD
Length: 15 minutes
Size: 649 MB
Format: WMV
Added: 06/14/11 09:58:56 PM
Buy Now 

Click For Preview

March 22, 2011

Auction for the Japan Relief Fund:Win Bondage Rope for 1 Year from MauiKink.com

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For the last little while I have been shooting product shots for MauiKink.com, I am really enjoying working with their dyed jute, and I have become a fan!

MauiKink, just started an auction on ebay as a fund raiser for Japan. It is an adult flagged auction, so a few hoops are needed to see the details.

To make life easier I have re-posted the contents of the auctions as of 3/22/11 9:30 pm EDT

I think this is a great way to help out with a fund raiser.. I hope you consider putting in a bid.



Last updated on 04:17:20 PM PDT, Mar 22, 2011
Winner will receive one (1) length of rope of their choice, up to thirty (30) feet, each month for one (1) year starting April 1st, 2011, for a total of twelve (12) months with free shipping included. Retail values for over $400.00! Proceeds to go to the Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Relief Fund through Global Giving

Romanian Hemp Rope – Romanian Hemp Rope and UV/Black Light Hemp Rope

Jute Rope – Natural and Dyed

Exotic Rope – Natural and Black Yak, Coconut and Seagrass

Luxury Rope – Alpaca, Mohair, Dyed Mohair, Silk, Bamboo, Cashmere and Organic Cotton

Raw, Unprocessed Rope by the Foot – Natural Jute or Romanian Hemp

We will allow two (2) lengths of rope, up to thirty (30) feet, for the following ropes only which can be mixed and matched:

Natural and Black Yak, Coconut Rope, Seagrass Rope, Natural Mohair and Natural Alpaca

Winner may request up to four (4) custom dyes or custom fibers for the year. Winner may also only order one (1) length each of Bamboo, Silk, Cashmere and Organic Cotton. Winner can choose from selection of oils, finishes and dyes available. Should we add additional ropes to our collection, those ropes will be available to the winner with the same rules as set in this listing. Standard processing times and shipping apply to all orders.

Please bid generously – proceeds go the Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Relief Fund through Global Giving.

Free standard flat rate shipping is included in this auction for each shipment of rope. Winner is responsible for any taxes or customs fees their country may place on each shipment. We will ship to only one address.

You must be a registered user to bid on this auction. By bidding, you are stating that you are ready and willing to follow through with your donation for the bid amount. Winner is required to complete transaction within 48 hours of the end of auction. If you can’t pay on time, don’t bid! Bids are final, non-retractable and non-transferable. No exchanges and no refunds. Winner may use Pay Pal or our own credit card processor for Visa, MasterCard and Discover Card charges. Instructions on how to order rope each month will be emailed to the winner after the donation amount has been received.

Should you have questions, please email us through Ebay or via Info@MauiKink.com prior to placing your bid.

About MauiKink.com

MauiKink.com is dedicated to creating distinctive and superior toys for the BDSM and Kink communities, using only the finest materials and tools. Each item is hand crafted with love and care by artisans on the beautiful Island of Maui; by men and women who are part of and support the various BDSM/Fetish/Kink/Leather communities. The values of Ohana, Aloha and Pono are foundations for our company. Additionally, we work with some amazing craftsmen from the Mainland to create and provide for our customers custom gear that anyone would be proud to have in their toy bag. Our unique creations are suitable for everyone and every lifestyle. Because each item is hand made, we can easily create custom designs using a variety of high quality materials.

We specialize in exotic hardwoods, custom creations and bondage ropes. A majority of our wood creations use woods that are distinctive to the Hawaiian Islands including Mango, Monkey Pod, Koa, Ohia and Milo. Our bondage rope selection include luxurious ropes such as Mohair, Silk and Bamboo and our exotic rope collection includes Yak, Coconut and Seagrass Ropes. MauiKink.com is creating a line of Vegan/Eco-Friendly toys that are made entirely of environmentally friendly, recycled, non-leather products yet remain unique and durable for extreme or light usage. We strive to provide one of a kind, erotic and highly detailed products and continuously update our line of toys and gear. Visit our website at www.MauiKink.com

On Mar-22-11 at 16:17:20 PDT, seller added the following information:

Please note that there is a reserve price on this auction as we like to be able to donate at least $275.00 to the Japan Relief Fund. The auction is more than worth it with rope valued at over $400.00! Grab some friends, bid and split the rope for an entire year.

February 24, 2011

Photography and Rope

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A question from Formspring.me

“Why is it that all riggers are self proclaimed photographers?(I do enjoy your photography, btw.)”

When ever I hear the word photographer, this is the definition that my head processes:

World English Dictionary
photographer — noun  a person who takes photographs, either as a hobby or a profession

To me, if you are holding a camera of any quality and you snap a picture with it, at that moment you are a photographer. The aesthetic value of that photograph could be amazing , crappy or just a “snap shot”, but that does not come into my own personal definition of a photographer. In my opinion, what the end product of the “click” of a camera is does not make a photographer… only that a photo was taken.

What I can answer is “why do so many riggers also take photographs?”

A universal comment I can make that could apply to many is this:

One component of Rope is the visual aspect , it often very beautiful to just stand back and look at.  From that, it means it is something that most would like to have a photo of to enjoy longer than the transitory scene that they were involved in.  hence the riggers with cameras.

Beyond that, the reasons become more specific to the individual

I have tinkered with cameras for some time, I would during my travels take my mediocre point & shoot camera and take photos of stuff. Occasionally I would get a fantastic shot of something, more often it was meh.

What kept me doing it was the blending of Tech and Art..  It was hitting two parts of me that gave me a lot of satisfaction.

Then I discovered rope..

It hit the exact same spots for me as playing with camera did and more so!

Now blend it all together:

The tech side of making the camera do what I want, the tech side involved in laying rope on someone.

The art of working with someone to bind them in a pleasing position, the art of lighting them in a way that makes it beautiful.

That is why I have a camera with me when I do rope..

That is why I incorporate rope when bring out my camera

– RJ

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