Nope, not authoring the book,  that’s all Lee Harrington!

To me Shibari You can Use is one the best intro books for rope bondage.    It was how I started with rope, studied it over and over.  

Later as I started going to events, I got to meet Lee Harrington and take one of his classes in person.  I scheduled a private class with Lee , a day of learning suspension, its how I started doing that.

Later I became friends with Lee.

About a year ago, Lee asked me “Jay would you shoot my next rope book ‘More Shibari You Can Use’?“   

of course I said yes..    As that plan evolved Lee decided to re-shoot , his first book at same time.

It is pretty surreal for me that when this project is done, I will have my name on the cover as the photographer..   The book I started learning rope with about 6 years ago.