Class Level: Beginner
Format: Lecture / Demo / Conversation (Camera not required)
Duration: 60-90 min
Required Facilities: Room that can be darkened, and power.
Optional: Screen to use for an overhead projector (I will provide projector)

Don’t let your camera equipment top you!

With so much of the kinky play being an opportunity for making art, porn and memory-making, let’s look at how to make photography a part of our erotic journey.

From understanding the technology of higher-end digital cameras (like what all of those dials mean and do) to lighting, we will dive into the technology to help make photos you can be proud of (including pics on a budget).

And for those of us who are taking pictures of people other than our lovers – let’s look at respect and consent with our models, including using model releases for ensuring consent for the future. In this demonstration and lecture, we will also discuss what you want out of photo-play, making photo-play sexy and fun!

This class is intended for beginners, and is a lecture/demo. No camera required.