Day long workshop on playing with rope in the bedroom , with strong focus on staying connected with your partner.

This class is limited to 15 couples, that must pre-pay to attend. Fee for class is $90 a couple, for 6+ hours of instruction. AND you will get a spiral bound copy of Shibari You Can Use: Japanese Rope Bondage and Erotic Macramé


Rope play has been entering into the spotlight for kink enthusiasts during the past few years, it is even making headway into popular culture. Besides it’s esthetic, it is a great way to connect with your partner and can help to create some very intimate and close moments .
RiggerJay, a Boston based rope enthusiast, will help you get going with a day long hands on course. Guiding you from the basics of rope all the way up to having very hot moments with your partner.

Some of the highlights:

  • Brief history on Japanese rope
  • Anatomy of rope
  • Playing safe
  • Warm-up/foreplay with rope
  • Several basic ties
  • Hogties and other more advanced ties
  • Bondage for sex
  • In class play time
  • Where do you go from here

What you need for the class

This is a hands on class, it is recommended that your bring 4 thirty foot lengths of rope. A 200 ft bundle of clothes line or something similar from your local home hardware store would work well for this class. Also this class is focused on couple interaction, coming with a regular play partner, lover , spouse etc is suggested.

Where is it?

The class will be held at a private club in Providence RI, it is only 45 min south of Boston, but the drive is well worth it.

We will have lots of space for students, and areas so you have a chance to use the new skills you have learned with privacy (practice makes perfect)

How to Register!!

The club we are holding event at will be handling registration for the class. Please email me at that you want to come to the class and I will send you where you need to call to register and pre-pay